There are 4 types of Resources in Skyshard heroes.




and Arcana

Each of them are Generated by their corresponding harvesters. Such as Iron to mines and Food to farms.

This is the most important part of your base because they Act not only as Generating Facilities... But they ALSO act as a Repairable BARRICADE. Make sure to upgrade constantly because they Improve the Health of the buildings as well as Enhance production amounts.(Stats Later from someone else)

According to the astetics of Skyshard, Soldiers will Always attack the closest building to him when attacking So the formation of your Resource buildings to your Defense towers is a #1 priority.

Also its important to note Silos.

Silos are important because they Store the Resources you collect. But they ALSO increase the maximum Resources You can carry at any time. And when you get to the Higher leveled buildings you will NEED to raise the Resource cap inorder to Construct or Upgrade those buildings.


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