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There are 7 types of Military buildings in skyshard.

The Barracks- Recruits units

The Garrison- Stores your Units

The Encampment- Increase the Amount soldiers you can deploy

The Training grounds- Upgrades your Soldiers

The War banner- Increases your attacks

And the Hall of Heroes- Upgrades your Hero.

Each of these bulldings should be upgraded whenever possible or needed. To deal with Stronger and More fearsome foes.


This building is used to Constantly Recruit soldiers at given times. it can be Upgraded to a maximum of 5 times.

lv.1 gives you swordsmen, Lv.2 rangers, lv.3 rivets, Lv.4 Mages, Lv.5 Voguls. It is quite easy to upgrade your barracks to its max level especally since you can do it under level 4.


The Garrison can be upgraded to a maximum of 9 and you can have multiple garrisons depending on your citadel level. Each upgrade adds 5 more to your total unit cap and Gets Higher in costs and in times. Don't be afraid of upgrading lower leveled Garrisons, They add the same amount anyway and are quicker and cheaper.


This building Increases the amount of units you can deploy in a single attack. It increases the Deployment limit by 4 every level.


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