General InformationEdit

Your hero is the MOST important person on the battlefield.This is due to the fact that your troops are brainless and attack the closest target in their range regardless of if it shoots back or not.

You control your hero directly telling him or her what to attack, what to Support, and what to burn to the ground without having any problems (other than towers and other heroes.)

Your hero is also the LAST stand between your base and An army of angry foot soldiers. Whenever you get besieged by a enemy army, you have the option to summon your hero to defend your base single handedly against a army. So make sure your hero's upgrades are a NUMBER ONE priority.

It's also important to note that, If a hero is upgraded enough, he/she might be able to take over a city WITHOUT an army, So again, I emphasize the upgrades of heroes.

Honor and SkystonesEdit

Honor and Skystones are the currency in the Store. Honor is obtained by Constantly Attacking other people and WINNING regardless if its AI or an actual player (AI only deliver half amount of  honor)

Skystones Require Kong credits or Actual money.

Hero gearEdit

Heroes are allowed an allocation of 2 lenses, One arnor, and One relic to further improve their Epicness.

Lenses:(Allowed 2)Edit

Lenses Enhance your Damage And/or Speed depending on which one you Buy. There are currently 5 lenses.

Armor: (Allowed 1)Edit

Armor enhances your...well...Armor. And/OR increases your maximum health. There are Currently 6 armor types.

Relic:(Only 1)Edit

Relics Add special Effects to your Hero. currently there is 5. 

The HeroesEdit

Currently there are 10 heroes you can use.(Be aware that Updates May Add New heroes.) Each one is quite unique and has his or her own set of skills. Skills That may be the difference between Victory and Death.

Name Skystone Cost Honor Cost Description
Alric N/A N/A Starting hero: A knight of honor and dignity, Alaric lives by the blade
Jorund 45 1500 More Brash and brutal than most syrellians, Jorund has a reputation of...Throwing himself into his duties.
Isunda 45 1500 A mecharcanic of the highest Calibur, Isunda has confidence in her magical abilities
Gasket 95 3000 A rivet claimed by the trimuverate during the battle of union city. Gasket took a life of its own due to his corrupted magic.
Keris 95 3000 A shadow in the Night and a blade between the ribs, Keris is a deadly assasin hailing from chilly Talric. his heart is as cold as his homeland when it comes to excuting a contract.
Colette 95 3000 Being close to the devine empowers Colette and those around her.
Seripha 95 3000 Angry as a crackling fire, steady as a rock, fickle as the wind and fluid like water; Seripha balances the elements while on a path to find her own inner balance.
Dacron 95 3000 Lord Protector of Prince Vespar of Fendor; Dacron is an expert sniper. With his skystone powered bow in hand, Dacron rarely misses his targets.
Tarkus 95 3000 A command cast out from Stonewick; general Tarkus makes war on the Triumvirate wherever he goes.
Kabal 95 3000 Death is just a bit of discomfort for the man now known as Kabal. His mere prescense causes the dead to rise and join him.
Locke? N/A N/A Extra/hidden machine gun wielding hero not yet available for purchase

Stats of all known heroesEdit

(For someone Else to Post here.)


Bludgeon: Deals damage and stuns target (20 mana)

Damage: ? / 60 / 100 / 150 / 200 / ? / ? / ? / ? / ?

Stun (in seconds): ? / 2 / 2 / 3 / 3 / 3 / ? / ? / ? / ?

Axestorm: Deals damage to enemies within range (10 mana)

Damage: ? / 25 / 50 / 75 /100 / ? / ? / ? / ? / ?

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