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Unlike Resource buildings, these have 6 types.

The Archer tower,

The Flame bunker,

The Mage tower,

The Web pillar,

The Shield generator,

And the Lightning totem.

It is also important to note that These towers CANNOT withstand a Mob attack hitting it directly. Even if its Maxxed out. So Again your building formation of Resource buildings covering your Towers is IMPERITIVE

The Archer tower is the pride and joy of defending the front lines as well as having the honor of being your First tower. It has Long range, high damage, And has a very large amount of Health to withstand attacks from most hits.

However it is limited to attacking only One target at a time.

The Flame bunker is a more technological and crowd controlling solution as well as being the Second tower you can construct. Its Range is significantly Less than the Archer tower But its Health is Slightly more than the Archer and it Deals Burst damage. In other words the Flame bunker can damage multiple targets close together with its Napalmic Flame bursts.

Its only problem is its Damage is Much lower than the Archer and it Must be placed Closer to Targets in order to strike.

The Mage tower is a more magical solution and a definite crowd controller as well as your third tower. Its Range is Similar to that of the Flame bunker, however it is SEVERELY less in health compared to Flame and Archer towers. But it has the advantage of being able to Hit All targets in its range with its Blue wave pulses. Unlike the Flame bunker that has to strike targets close together to deal multiple damages... The Mage tower Hits Everything in its range whether the enemy target it hitting the Tower or Not.

Its only Problem is it is very weak in health and should be covered by other towers and Buildings

Also, there is the Web pillar. This tower coats Targets in energy and could even the odds against heroes and Mobs alike. This tower Slows down anything it hits and deals a small amount of damage. This allows Other towers to pick up the Fight and Keep damaging the slowed target, thus Buying Time for you and your defenses.

The Lightning Totem is a tower that deals massive amounts of damage, but takes 10 hours to build. You can build it when you get a level 4 Citadel, and you can build another one when you get a level 5 Citadel. It has very high health and has a very long range. This is by far the best defence tower, and it ignores armor. 

The only problem with this tower is that it takes a lot of resources to build.

Please Add Information On The Shield Generator.


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