General InformationEdit

Conquest is a Active multiplayer map where Several guilds Pit each other's Wits, Armies, and Resources against each other to control the MOST territories and if possible...The entire map.

How to playEdit

In order to participate on conquest, you first need to reach level 10. This is the MINIMUM level inorder to participate in conquest.

After that You need a Flag to wave around and Plant after burning a town down and claiming it. In other words, you need a Guild.

A Guild is a group of players from different levels to who fight and defend their own territories from other guilds, and are ofter called Specatacular (or Stupid) names.

However YOU are NOT allowed to apply for certain guilds, you need to have THEM invite you into your guild, so make yourself look nice with some levels under your belt because No one wants a level 10 baby. This is the hardest part of participating so make sure you Talk in the Chats to have guild recruit YOU.

UNLESS you want to CREATE a guild which is usually the easiest to get in the fight quickly but that means you have to recruit and manage Dozens of territories and members,

After finding yourself a Guild you will notice one of the colors (Unless you are not on the Map..?) on the map have a large amount of DOTS on them. These Are your Guild's Territories, and Your guild's SIZE. From here, you can attack adjacent tiles from here and advance on your enemies. Once you have taken over an enemy tile (Or your Guild Master has reassigned tiles to you) The tiles have a STAR over them. These are YOUR tiles and you can manage and upgrade these tiles as well as send armies from these tiles instead of your home base.

Congrats! you have Now learned how to Fight in conquest!

Advanced InformationEdit

On the map, you you will find three things.

1. The first you will see are the buildings with a Spiky rooftop. These are Called "Forts" or fortifications if you are fancy. These Buildings Add "Buffs" to your Armies in conquest depending on what they are. The Forts Add health to the defending towers, Support buildings, and Producing Facilities.

2. Next is the Domed Shaped buildings with the tiny flags. These are called "Guild halls." These Buildings Add buffs to a certain Unit type, depending on what it Buffs. It could be Rangers, Rivets, Mages, Etc.

3. And Finally...Right in the center of the Map is the "Bastion" which looks like a castle ontop of a giant mountain. This building Boosts Health and Attack of All buildings on conquest. It is the Crown Jewel of the conquest map. Controlling it means you dominate the map.


Buffs are Enhanced bonuses you get for Taking key areas such as forts or Guilds. The may boost your Buildings Health, Enhance the Damage of a Unit type, Or Enhance Health and Attack at once. However it is important to note that Controlling MULTIPLE Forts and Guilds at ONCE does NOT increase the Buffs. its the Same Buff as taking ONE for the entire guild but Taking and Holding them Means you don't want give them to others and want them to Stay the Hell off your Lawn. :D


However there is a "Slight" Problem with Buffs, and thats the DEBUFF.

For some unfathomable Reason, your Army wants to act like a spoiled child and refuse to listen to reason. This is when your Guild Obtains a Large amount of territories that their armies start To weaken in attack power.

Example: You have Troops and Heroes Capable of Taking a lv.6 fort? with Debuff you Will struggle to Take out a level 4 base while Suffering SEVERE casualties in the process.

Stats of the DebuffEdit

Info Later.

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