General InformationEdit

There are three basic rules about fighting. They are as follows:

1) Do not talk about the basic rules. Mention the wiki instead, and make them drag their a**'s over here to read and learn something.

2) Do not send ranged troops to attack without a tank to protect them. This is because ranged units have less HP than other troops. Heros work well, if you do not want to use troop space.

3) You have a hero: use it. Do not let your hero sit out while all the others are having fun sacking a town. It makes the hero feel bad, and you are wasting that one super-soldier that takes no space.

Offensive TacticsEdit

Generally speaking, there are many diffrent ways of deploying troops. The three most common tactics are.

1) The Citadel Sniper. This maneuver is when a high level hero attacks with/without troops and attacks the citadel first. This works well upon weaker territories, but is an abdject failure upon high level bases.

2) The Horde. This is when you attack with every troop that you have, and fight to the death. Generally speaking, this is inefficient, especiallly when compaired to #3.

3) Grinding. This is the most efffective way of getting other hometowns, but fails against territories upon the conquest map (this is due to the fact that they automatially repair. If you are fast enough, you can quickly re-destroy the buildings with mages). A player simply attacks over and over again until the citadel is taken.

Defensive TacticsEdit

Ring towers around your citadel, and them surrond them with producers. Seriouslly, it is that simple. If you have any better ideas, please feel free to edit below the line.

Best Unit DeploymentsEdit

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